What Is Good Nutrition?

What Is Good Nutrition

What is good nutrition?

There are many different ways to eat well.

However, there’s confusion over the difference between vitamins and herbs, and what they are and what they’re for.

I’ve seen these definitions not understood and used incorrectly.

Let’s get down to the basics.

What your body needs

There are forty nutrients that cannot be made in the body.

Essential fatty acids are vital to healthy skin. They play an important role in skin health. In addition, they’re essential to good vision and healthy joints, muscles, and the cardiovascular system.

Collectively, these forty nutrients are the body’s requirements to function optimally.

All the forty nutrients work together; therefore, a deficiency in any one can create a problem for your health.

Which foods have the most nutrition? From the food we eat. When do we supplement?

You need to take these vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids when you’re not getting what your body needs from the food you eat.

Sure, organic unprocessed foods are the best way to get nutrition! You’ll get more nutrition from natural foods than from foods made with artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives.

Organic foods are certified to be organic. They’ve been grown and processed in accordance to strict standards.

These organic foods do not contain any harmful chemicals and are grown using the highest standards of sustainable farming practices.

Their eco-friendly methods and products are sure to help your garden grow.

By eating organic foods we are able to receive more of the nutrients needed to keep our bodies healthy.

Repair of the body

Natural healing is the body’s own tool. If it’s supplied the right nutrition, it will heal itself.

In natural healing, you supplement with the nutrients that the body needs for that specific health problem.

The root of the problem usually begins from a deficiency in essential nutrition.

Some deficiencies can be caused by eating certain foods in inadequate amounts or that are poorly digested, so they don’t provide enough of certain nutrients.

Do you mean repair or restore? The body is composed of cells and cells are always dying and new cells are always being made.

Making new healthy cells depends on the availability of the correct nutrients for this repair.

A good carpenter makes a beautiful piece of furniture, but he needs good sturdy wood and nails.

He would not get a good piece of furniture if he had only plywood and staples.

What about herbal supplements?

Herbs are not essential nutrients for health.

Herbs are often called the “green pharmacy”.

Herbs are used to replace or enhance pharmaceuticals (they must be checked by your pharmacist before they’re mixed with other medicines).

There is nothing synthetic about herbs, they are natural. You can take herbs as compresses, infusions or teas.

These herbs are also used as extracts in many herbal remedies.

Herbs are medicinal remedies that have been used by doctors and studied in medical schools for thousands of years.

There are many herbs that will help the body to heal itself. However, herbs only work if the body has the necessary tools to do its own healing.

To heal itself, the body needs its ingredients for health which is the forty nutrients, as outlined above.

Conclusion: What is Good Nutrition

When talking about what is good nutrition, you need to differentiate between those vital nutrients and herbs.

While the first are needed by your body to function and to heal itself, herbs are not as important. They can have positive effects on your body and heal many ailments, but are secondary to the other nutrients.

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