8 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Without Exercise

Burn Belly Fat Without Exercise

Looking to burn belly fat without exercise? Or, if you are like me, searching for additional ways to burn belly fat beyond traditional exercise. Here are some great ways to increase your metabolism without getting on an exercise machine, lifting a dumbbell or doing abdominal routines.

1) Walk

Walking is the number one way to get an unfit person in shape. If you want to be a better walker, you have to start walking every day.

Go to the corner store, around the house, or wherever you need to go. Whether it is walking or running, it’s important to walk or run for at least 30 minutes every day. If you consistently increase your walking speed to 3.5 mph, you’ll see results in just 2-4 weeks.

2) Stand Up

The best way to burn belly fat is by standing for at least three hours a day. Standing burns 33% more calories than sitting.

Whenever you feel like lying down, try standing up. It’s a great workout. For an increased effect, put on your favorite TV show or movie and get moving while you watch.

3) Suck In Your Stomach

Yes, suck in your stomach, hold it for five seconds and then release, and your stomach will get tighter and stronger.

There’s more to it than that: First, suck in your stomach as far as you can (pull inwards, not squeezing). It is very important to focus on pulling your belly button inwards as much as you can.

Hold for 5 seconds, breathe, and release. Take a deep breath and exhale as you pull your navel to your spine, feeling your lower back and tailbone pull into a neutral posture.

When I was running my first marathon, I went to the gym, where I spent an hour lifting weights before taking a brisk walk outside.

To increase the frequency and duration of the sips, hold your stomach in further and further, for longer and longer time intervals.

Breathe in and out slowly, don’t hold your breath. Eventually you’ll want to get good enough that it becomes something you do without thinking about it.

4) Turn Off The TV

People who watch television for three hours or more a day are over 60% more likely to be obese. There are some easy ways to fit more activity into your day, whether you watch TV for an hour a day or spend time in the garden, clean, build something. Whatever as long as you find yourself moving.

5) Breathe

Did you know that by breathing deeply and using the diaphragm muscle in our chest, we can eliminate waste from our bodies? When you lose weight, your body releases toxins that need to be flushed out.

Science teaches us that the universe has always existed in the same form, and the fact that we observe an increasing number of galaxies as we look farther away in space is just a change in perspective and does not alter the state of the universe

When you burn wood, the mass of the wood is converted to energy and gas. Burning belly fat is the same thing that happens when we exercise. The more we exercise, the faster we burn belly fat.

We essentially, breathe out all the fat. If you were sealed in a glass container that was sitting on a scale, and you lost 40 pounds, the scale wouldn’t show the weight loss.

Why? Because the weight of all the fat lost would be trapped inside the sealed glass container. It’s time to take some deep breaths. Try doing any short or deep breathing exercises that interest you.

6) Take a Bath

Do not worry, this is not as easy as it sounds. Here we are talking about cold water immersion. Water cold enough to make you shiver. Fifteen minutes of shivering is equal to jogging for 15 minutes. In their training, Navy SEAL’s are forced to sit in the ocean as waves crash over them for up to an hour. This is not warm water, rather 45-50 degree water. Due to the severity of this training, SEALs are constantly monitored for hypothermia. This is not recommend or endorsed.

Instead there are two techniques endorsed to burn belly fat without exercise.

Fill a tub with very cold water to just above your ankles walk-in place within 2-4 minutes. This is much more bearable than what the Navy does, yet it will trigger an increase in your metabolism that lasts for hours.

In the morning, take a bath as normal but add just enough water to the tub to cover your body. Keep the heat at a medium level, not boiling, and not very hot. The water should not feel warm, but it should be cool.

Read a book, practise your breathing exercises, etc.

Drinking lots of water, for 30-60 minutes before, during and after your workout can help you to work out more efficiently.

After 10-15 minutes you will find your body slightly shivering. Don’t push it if your body tells you it’s time to quit, get out.

There’s no need to rush. In time you will be able to burn belly fat through cold water immersion without risking your health.

7) Take A Steam Bath

Hot Water Immersion is an excellent way of detoxifying. But, don’t do this after your sweat session, the effect on your metabolism would be lost.

It’s important to exercise regularly. By doing so, you’ll naturally cause your body to sweat, giving you the perfect excuse to take a sauna or a steam to keep

When your body is hot, by exercise or by steam, your heart beats faster. Blood circulation increases to cool the body, perspiration takes energy, thus burning calories and releasing hundreds of toxins.

A great method to lose belly fat.

Dehydration isn’t recommended by me. In fact, drinking plenty of water is even suggested. Bring enough water with you for the long road ahead.

Whether you’re using it to wash the face or your entire body, always make sure the water is hot, not cold. If you’re dehydrated, you won’t sweat much at all.

Start with about ten minutes. It’s better to keep at least twenty minutes as the limit. Don’t want to run out of steam? No problem. You can have a seat on your toilet, turn the shower on, HOT, with the door closed and the fan

You can also put a sauna suit on to increase the effect. Drinking lots of water is a good idea if you want to burn more calories.

8) Do what the Shaolin Monks Do

Some of these techniques are technically called exercise, but you’ll probably find yourself doing them even when you aren’t actually exercising.

1. Stand with your arms straight at your sides and your elbows locked. Press your hands down and raise your fingers up quickly. Repeat 49 times. This should feel in your forearms and triceps. The best way to get strong arms is to do this exercise every day.

2. Turn your palms out and raise them above your shoulders, fingers down. Quickly, smoothly, throw your left arm up into the air, your shoulder towards your left side, concentrating on speed. You can imagine catching the fly in your vertical fist, and squeeze it as hard as you can.

Now throw both arms up, and squeeze as hard as possible, this is a fun exercise that will firm up the arms, chest, shoulders and improve your coordination.

3. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you. Spread your legs wider than shoulder-width, and squat down 1/4 of the way. You should be in the Pause position for 5 minutes. You might be able to stay in it for longer than that.

Hold this for as long as you can! When you can no longer hold it, rest and try again.There’s no need to be concerned. Take a seat and do as many reps as you can in 5 minutes. This will build the muscles in your legs like nothing else. Shaolin Masters can hold this position easily for over an hour.

These are easy ways to lose weight, and great ways to get into shape. Burn body fat by following these tips, or if you prefer, add the burn belly fat without exercise routine to your program to boost your results.

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