The Relationship Between Street Gangs and Crime in California Explored

There is one key reason as to why we are strongly against the proliferation of street gangs in California. The reason is in the fact that there is a clear relationship between the street gangs and crime in California. Below, I will present a brief synopsis of the nature of that relationship, between street gangs (whose members tend to be teenagers) and crime in the state.

Firstly, we have a scenario where the street gangs tend to nurture the people who later on become big-time criminals. Indeed, if you interview most of the criminals held at our penitentiaries, you will discover that most of them grew up in gangs.

Secondly, we have a scenario where the street gangs tend to engage in crime directly. You have some street gangs whose (teenage) members engage in robberies, the drug trade, gun running, pimping and so on.

Thirdly, we have a scenario where the street gangs tend to be facilitators of crime. We have some gangs whose members provide information to members of criminal syndicates – information on where and how to commit crime. And as mentioned earlier, there are some street gangs that are involved in things like gun running, which in turn leads to all sorts of violent crime. This is not to mention the petty (and sometimes not so petty) crimes that the various gangs members engage in, as they try to protect their turfs.

For these reasons, it can be concluded that crime rates in California would go down drastically, if it were possible to get rid of the street gangs. Unfortunately, getting rid of the street gangs has to involve the law enforcement agencies. And some members of the law enforcement agencies seem to somehow tolerate the street gangs, for whatever crazy reason.