The California Cities Gang Prevention Network
                                     "Reducing gang violence in California"



        Fresno         Los Angeles
        Oakland      Oxnard
        Richmond    Sacramento
        Salinas        San Bernardino
        San Diego     San Francisco
        San Jose      Santa Rosa



        The National Council on Crime and         Delinquency (NCCD) and the National         League of Cities' Institute for Youth,         Education and Families (YEF Institute)         have initiated a network of 13 major
        cities in California to combat gang
        violence and victimization.

        The California Cities Gang Prevention         Network, the first of its kind in the
        nation, focuses on successful
        policies and practices that
        interweave prevention, intervention,
        enforcement, and a community's
        "moral voice" as an alternative to
        prison-only solutions.


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        WHAT'S NEW:

         Promising Developments
        for Sustainability of Local


        This policy and practice brief offers         a snapshot of the emerging and
        promising developments, and
        changed ways of doing business,
        in several California Cities Gang

        Prevention Network cities. These
        developments, growing organically
        from cities' comprehensive plans,
        offer various routes to sustaining

        local youth and gang violence         prevention efforts.      

         Case Studies and Analysis
        of Local Funding Strategies

        In this paper, the California Cities         Gang Prevention Network
        undertook an analysis of the status
        and implications of multiple grant
        funding sources in the cities of

        Oakland, Salinas, and Santa Rosa
        to enhance understanding of the
        benefits and tradeoffs of this         approach and to produce policy
        recommendations regarding future



        The California Cities Gang
        Prevention Network is
        funded by grants from the
        California Endowment, the
        The California Wellness
        Foundation (TCWF), the
        East Bay Community
        Foundation, the Richmond
        Children's Fund, and the
        Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr.

        The California Endowment
        is a private, statewide
        health foundation created
        in 1996 with a mission
        to expand access to
        affordable, quality health
        care for underserverd indiv-
        iduals and communities,
        and to promote fundamental
        improvements in the health
        status of all Californians.

        Created in 1992 as an
        independent, private found-
        ation, TCWF's mission is to
        improve the health of the
        people of California by
        making grants for health
        promotion, wellness educa-
        tion and disease prevention.



        To get in front of the gang issue
        before policies based on fear divert
        funds from essential infrastructures
        (e.g., schools, police, services for
        children and youth) to corrections.

        To establish or improve collaboration
        in each city that appropriately blends
        prevention, intervention, and
        suppression, and that involves city
        leaders and community stakeholders.

        To identify and document city
        responses to key program and policy
        questions (e.g., essential approaches
        to anti-gang efforts; what doesn't
        work; who must be involved, etc.).

        To forge a vibrant peer-learning
        network among 13 participating cities.

        To identify state policy and practice
        that would support effective
        community practice.